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Staying Hydrated Is More Important than You Think

Hydration is vital because our bodies need water to function correctly and even more so when we practice some sport. Usually, we replace the fluids we lose when we get home after a long day and drink a tall glass of fresh water. If you do not do this, you will start to feel bad. […]

The Importance of Sports to Learn and Consolidate Values

“Sport gives life” and can also become an authentic school of values for personal development. Whatever sport you practice, it will always leave a series of values and learnings in children’s lives; values that help the development of physical and psychological evolution. In this article, Evolution Soccer Academy shows you the importance of sports to […]

Compete to Grow: Learning from Competition

The experiences and emotions that children feel when they play a soccer tournament are many. We know that within them there are fears, insecurities, nerves, but they also have courage, desire to excel and autonomy. And it is at that precise moment when they are alone in front of a soccer ball on the field […]

Growing on the Field: How a Child Evolves While Playing Soccer

Evolution Soccer Academy has experienced soccer coaches specialized in working with boys and girls. We have a unique way of carrying out our educational process, built on a series of techniques and fundamentals. Today we will give you some practical tips so that your child does not miss this great fun, grows healthy, and gets […]

How Soccer Can Help Children Achieve Their Goals

The practice of moderate physical exercise like soccer, contributes to the maintenance of good health and helps children feel well and active; it facilitates the proper functioning of the different organs and systems of their body. With regular practice, a stronger body and a good state of mind will be some of the benefits they […]

5 Reasons Why Soccer Is the Best Sport for Your Children

Sports are great for children, that is not up for debate. However, what most people do not know is why certain sports are better for their child than others and we cannot allow that! In the modern world, information is power. Do you want to know why soccer is the best sport for your child? […]

Leadership: How to Achieve Excellence Both In and Out of the Field

Leadership and soccer are not distant concepts, they are, without a doubt, both sides of the same coin. In sports, especially those that are played in groups, the team mentality prevails, but this requires someone guiding them through the complications of each challenge, and that is when the leadership skills come into play. Today you […]