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10 Keys to Reinvent Yourself as a Soccer Coach

Most coaches are used to working in the same way, in their comfort zone. They cling to routine and lose the opportunity to evolve. They fear the unknown, but why do you not dare to create your own future instead of waiting for it to come to you? What do the coaches of the big […]

The Genetics of the Team

The team’s genetics refers to the values that unite us, the negotiation of attitudes and skills that help us be a solid entity, capable of facing competition and other challenges; always aware that we are collectively responsible for each other. In today’s article, we will talk a little about the importance of good relationships and […]

How to Use Self-Motivation to Compete Better on the Field

Motivation is essential in all areas of life, especially for a sport that is practiced as a team but even more so is self-motivation. Not only do players have to train for the physical aspect of said sport, but they also need to work on their mental states, as this can mean the difference between […]

Leadership: How to Achieve Excellence Both In and Out of the Field

Leadership and soccer are not distant concepts, they are, without a doubt, both sides of the same coin. In sports, especially those that are played in groups, the team mentality prevails, but this requires someone guiding them through the complications of each challenge, and that is when the leadership skills come into play. Today you […]