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Intensity: The Key to a Good Soccer Team

The intensity in soccer has always been associated with skills that you apply to perform a given action at the level or degree of strength it needs. And while this sounds like a complicated affair, your coach knows what we are talking about. When people use the term “intensity” concerning soccer, it has to do […]

The 10 Basic Functions of the Team Captain

Being a soccer captain on a team is more than being a representative of the team. The figure of the soccer captain is very important within a team so that the relations between the different parties involved in it are as satisfactory as possible. Who is the team captain in soccer? Usually, the soccer captain […]

Exercises to Improve “Passing” Movement

Passing is how a player sends the ball to a teammate, precisely enough to reach him; this technical move allows players to relate with a single touch and improve the team’s game. They can be classified by the speed, elevation, trajectory or by the distance the ball covers, its tactical intention, and the part of […]

Soccer: The Sport that Changes the Lives of Children

“Soccer, all over the world, boys and girls play and love that sport. It is played by boys and girls alike in the crowded urban streets and small villages. It is played in fields, in refugee camps and even in situations of war and armed conflict. Wherever there are boys and girls, it is very […]

What Soccer Teaches You About Life

Participating in a soccer competition teaches you much more than just playing a game. This sport requires quick thinking, good reflexes, and the ability to work in a team. All of this helps you stay focused and productive, both in the personal aspects of your life and in the professional or academic ones. What soccer […]

Make Your Own Training Schedule

If you want to take home training seriously or to start at the gym on the right foot, to make your own training diary is a great idea. Whether for your Crossfit classes, your soccer training or the preparation for a triathlon, in a training journal, you can register your workouts and make optimal follow-up […]

Motivation and Willpower

Have you ever tried to lose weight, have the highest GPA in your class, be part of a sports team, or have you raised any other personal challenge? It is possible that you start with a lot of desire, giving the most of yourself, but then you lose motivation and have problems going back to […]

Tips: How to Set Goals

People have usually dream or imagine the things they wish for and long to be places where they are not currently in…  All these desires and dreams typically stay only that and never become a reality. Today, we will talk about a very important topic that can change your life if you apply it to […]

Motivation: Encourage Your Children to Remain Active

Anyone who has seen children in playgrounds knows that most of them are physically active by nature and that they love to move, but climbing on top of a slide or swinging on climbers is not enough to help children stay active throughout their lives. As they get older, getting children to do enough physical […]