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Intensity: The Key to a Good Soccer Team

The intensity in soccer has always been associated with skills that you apply to perform a given action at the level or degree of strength it needs. And while this sounds like a complicated affair, your coach knows what we are talking about. When people use the term “intensity” concerning soccer, it has to do […]

10 Keys to Reinvent Yourself as a Soccer Coach

Most coaches are used to working in the same way, in their comfort zone. They cling to routine and lose the opportunity to evolve. They fear the unknown, but why do you not dare to create your own future instead of waiting for it to come to you? What do the coaches of the big […]

Value of Sleep for Perfect Sports Performance

Sleep has a fundamental role in athletes’ recovery. During sleep, the processes of recovery of the nervous system start, as well as an increase in growth hormone levels. Metabolic and muscle development processes are especially important for children while they are growing. Among athletes, sleep deprivation fundamentally affects the execution of technical aspects and decision […]

5 Fundamental Skills to Work as a Team

Teamwork means players acquire the skills to achieve higher productivity. The team’s interactions also favor the development of confidence for a healthy and positive environment in which to play, as the players will feel prepared and motivated. Teamwork is also about understanding and sharing, as a single person is never the only one responsible for […]

Importance of Honesty in Sports

Honesty is a value that must be applied to all aspects of our daily life, and playing a sport is an activity that needs it to be truly productive and enjoyable. If we are not honest, this will lead to future problems and affect the team negatively. In today’s article Evolution Soccer Academy will explain […]

What Is the Best Time to Train?

Training presents a debate that seems to have no end, whether it is better to do it early in the morning, mid-afternoon, late at night… but, we must tell you something: the best time to train it is the one that suits you, your rhythm of life, and your possibilities the best. Do you want […]

Compete to Grow: Learning from Competition

The experiences and emotions that children feel when they play a soccer tournament are many. We know that within them there are fears, insecurities, nerves, but they also have courage, desire to excel and autonomy. And it is at that precise moment when they are alone in front of a soccer ball on the field […]

The Importance of Parental Support in Children’s Sports

The weekly agenda of children is usually very tight, and in some cases, more than that of the adults themselves: school, homework, etc. But we must reserve a space for physical activity. Practicing any sport provides an alternative and complementary learning to the one they receive at school, as it teaches: companionship, integrity, effort, persistence, […]

A Functional Training Circuit to Try at Home

Did you miss a day of training at the gym, your academy or can you not leave the house?  In today’s article, we will share a training routine with you that can be done from home without the need for any extra material or tools. We simply perform the five exercises below, one after the […]