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Muscles Used to Play Soccer

A soccer player needs to be fit in order to give his or her best performance on the field. While training and playing, many of the athlete’s muscles are involved, each one of them fulfills a simple function that combined turn a regular player into a great one if he or she exercises correctly. Arm […]

Food Guide: Foods Rich in Iron

Iron is the most important component in the protein called hemoglobin; it is contained by the red blood cells, which are in charge of carrying oxygen through the body. If you do not have enough iron in your system, the body can develop anemia, a condition which makes you feel exhausted and weak. The Center […]

Keys to Eating Healthy As a Family

A healthy lifestyle starts at home. If parents exercise and eat healthy food, kids will follow their example. For children practicing a sport, this is an important part of the training; a healthy diet can contribute with their performance and help them succeed on the field. However, sometimes trying to eat together as family can […]

The 3 Most Serious Consequences of Overtraining

There is nothing worse for an athlete than having an injury; it could end up putting his/her health at risk. Today, Evolution Soccer Academy shows you the three most serious consequences of overtraining, and we do not just talk about fatigue, but about something else. Consequences of overtraining The importance of sleep Rest is essential, […]

How Should the Diet of a Good Athlete Be?

A good diet plays a key role for all athletes, it: delays fatigue, improves recovery, prevents disease and injury, as well as bone wear and muscle wasting. Taking care of your body, feeding properly, and developing your skills, will help you become an elite sport player. Evolution Soccer Academy has a list of essential foods […]

How to Take Care of Your Feet If You Are an Athlete

To play soccer, you have to pay close attention to your whole body, but especially to your feet to avoid injuries and prevent pathologies. There are many amateur soccer players who practice every weekend, often without taking into account essential  health aspects of it. In this article, we offer some tips to take proper care […]

How to Improve Your Stamina for Soccer

It is well known that for any sport practice, we must be in good physical condition, both to do well and not to suffer any sudden injury. One of the most trained and basic physical skills is stamina or resistance; it is the ability to maintain a position or keep making a movement for as […]

What Do You Know about “Invisible Training”?

For some years, the term ‘invisible training’ began to be heard more often in professional soccer. The concept, unlike conventional training, refers to the plans carried out by the technical bodies according to the competence of the players, and it covers different aspects of their lives. What invisible training is Hours of rest, diet, social […]

How to Help Children Be More Fit

Nowadays, there is a lot of talk about childhood fitness, which is why parents, doctors, teachers, and others, want to know how they can help children to be more fit. Being fit means eating well, doing a lot of physical activity, and having a healthy weight. If the child is in good shape, his/her body […]

Helping Your Child Have a Positive Take on Competitive Sports

Sports forges character, but its competitive side can affect the attitude and development of your child and sometimes become problematic. How can you help them face sports competition? Remember that first of all, you are parents and therefore, your child’s first role models. You, the coach, and the coaching staff are needed to guide him/her. […]