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Basic Rules to Solve Conflicts in a Soccer Team

When conflict knocks on our door, we must be prepared to resolve it in the best possible way. In team sports such as soccer, confrontation or disparity between teammates is inevitable, so conflicts often arise for different reasons. Conflicts can go through several stages depending on the situation: it grows, develops, transforms, disappears, dissolves and […]

What Is the Best Behavior On the Field?

There are general rules given to all teams’ members, such as going out to the field and greeting the opponent politely before and after the game, meeting with teammates to cheer each other up, bringing first aid kits to attend players who got injured, talk to parents after the game, etc. It all seems very […]

10 Golden Rules of a Good Soccer Training Session

When soccer training is carried out, important aspects are often overlooked. Whether due to lack of preparation, lack of experience or simple carelessness, sometimes they feel like impromptu instead of planned and structured training sessions. In today’s article, Evolution Soccer Academy brings you the ten golden rules for successful training. How to achieve a good […]