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Exercise Guide: How to Get Legs of Steel

Soccer requires that athletes use their whole bodies, but their lower extremities are the main tools for an excellent game. Because soccer players run about six miles per game, they need to have legs of steel so they can perform their amazing moves and score goals for their team. For that reason, children who practice […]

5 Soccer Fun Facts

Besides being one of the most popular sports in the world, soccer is a social fact, much more than a game, much more than a competition. In today’s article, Evolution Soccer Academy shares five interesting little-known tidbits about this sport, data that you probably did not know, curiosities that will surprise you. Soccer Fun Facts […]

Importance of Honesty in Sports

Honesty is a value that must be applied to all aspects of our daily life, and playing a sport is an activity that needs it to be truly productive and enjoyable. If we are not honest, this will lead to future problems and affect the team negatively. In today’s article Evolution Soccer Academy will explain […]

Do You Know What the First Soccer Stadium Was Like?

The first soccer stadium was built in the country where soccer originated, England. Its name is Bramall Lane, and it is the house of the Sheffield Football Club, the oldest soccer team in the world. Coincidence, huh? The first soccer stadium construction It was built in South Yorkshire, in the north of England. It was […]

Duration of a Soccer Game

The duration of a soccer game must be ninety minutes, but some factors such as the weather, may lead to the referees deciding to reduce the duration of each time, for example to forty minutes. In this case, we would have an eighty-minute game. It is important to note that the decision must be made […]