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The Best 20 Soccer Cleat

Soccer cleats should be of the best quality to perform the best on the field. However, for a player to choose one pair of cleats can be very hard thanks to the many options on the market. The top brands release new pairs every year, if not two per year, sometimes they also partner up […]

Importance of Sports Physiotherapy

Athletes have a demanding agenda; they have a busy training schedule that includes paying attention to potential health issues that could arise, as muscular problems, which are usually unexpected. Sports physiotherapy is the best option to treat them. Evolution Soccer will tell you how this discipline can help you! Why is sports physiotherapy important? Many […]

Soccer Warm-Up Routine

The goal of a warm-up session is to develop a soccer player’s organic, muscular, nervous, and psychological functions to prepare them for the best possible performance. It is done before starting practice, and it is focused on increasing the work capacity gradually, progressively, and aerobically. It is recommended to include exercises for elasticity and mobility. […]

The Importance of Concentration Prior to a Soccer Match

It is typical to see the team focused on achieving a common goal right before the game, but does concentration influence the match? How can we get it or work it? You should know that concentration is an extremely influential factor in the development of a soccer match; it can be the cause of a […]

The 10 Basic Functions of the Team Captain

Being a soccer captain on a team is more than being a representative of the team. The figure of the soccer captain is very important within a team so that the relations between the different parties involved in it are as satisfactory as possible. Who is the team captain in soccer? Usually, the soccer captain […]

The 3 Most Serious Consequences of Overtraining

There is nothing worse for an athlete than having an injury; it could end up putting his/her health at risk. Today, Evolution Soccer Academy shows you the three most serious consequences of overtraining, and we do not just talk about fatigue, but about something else. Consequences of overtraining The importance of sleep Rest is essential, […]

5 Fundamental Skills to Work as a Team

Teamwork means players acquire the skills to achieve higher productivity. The team’s interactions also favor the development of confidence for a healthy and positive environment in which to play, as the players will feel prepared and motivated. Teamwork is also about understanding and sharing, as a single person is never the only one responsible for […]

Importance of Honesty in Sports

Honesty is a value that must be applied to all aspects of our daily life, and playing a sport is an activity that needs it to be truly productive and enjoyable. If we are not honest, this will lead to future problems and affect the team negatively. In today’s article Evolution Soccer Academy will explain […]

The Hobbies and Secret Talents of Famous Soccer Players

The most famous soccer players’ season is quite active and very demanding, which is why they try to make the most of their free time and engage in other types of activities, completely unrelated to their profession. The stars of the ball manage to distract themselves and spend time doing what they like off the […]