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Soccer Warm-Up Routine

The goal of a warm-up session is to develop a soccer player’s organic, muscular, nervous, and psychological functions to prepare them for the best possible performance. It is done before starting practice, and it is focused on increasing the work capacity gradually, progressively, and aerobically. It is recommended to include exercises for elasticity and mobility. […]

How to Clean Your Soccer Boots

Soccer boots look completely impeccable when they are brought home from the store, but it does not take much time to cover them with dirt, mud, and grass. Cleaning soccer boots seems an intimidating task; however, with a mild cleaning solution and a little effort, dirt and scratches can disappear in no time. But how […]

Do You Know What the First Soccer Stadium Was Like?

The first soccer stadium was built in the country where soccer originated, England. Its name is Bramall Lane, and it is the house of the Sheffield Football Club, the oldest soccer team in the world. Coincidence, huh? The first soccer stadium construction It was built in South Yorkshire, in the north of England. It was […]

Get Ready for the Sports Season

If you have ever practiced a competitive sport, you will know that starting a new sports season means hard work. It is normal to be nervous at the beginning, especially if it is your first sports season, which is why Evolution Soccer Academy brings you some tips to help you be prepared for the first […]

How to Help Children Be More Fit

Nowadays, there is a lot of talk about childhood fitness, which is why parents, doctors, teachers, and others, want to know how they can help children to be more fit. Being fit means eating well, doing a lot of physical activity, and having a healthy weight. If the child is in good shape, his/her body […]

Why Exercise Is So Important

Without even noticing, you exercise every day. When you run outdoors, play ball, all that is physical exercise. But what other activities are considered exercise? Sports, dance, and even walking. When you do physical exercise, you strengthen your body. Say active every day; your body will thank you! How exercise helps you have a healthy […]

Motivation: Encourage Your Children to Remain Active

Anyone who has seen children in playgrounds knows that most of them are physically active by nature and that they love to move, but climbing on top of a slide or swinging on climbers is not enough to help children stay active throughout their lives. As they get older, getting children to do enough physical […]

The Importance of Sports to Learn and Consolidate Values

“Sport gives life” and can also become an authentic school of values for personal development. Whatever sport you practice, it will always leave a series of values and learnings in children’s lives; values that help the development of physical and psychological evolution. In this article, Evolution Soccer Academy shows you the importance of sports to […]

Compete to Grow: Learning from Competition

The experiences and emotions that children feel when they play a soccer tournament are many. We know that within them there are fears, insecurities, nerves, but they also have courage, desire to excel and autonomy. And it is at that precise moment when they are alone in front of a soccer ball on the field […]