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The 10 Basic Functions of the Team Captain

Being a soccer captain on a team is more than being a representative of the team. The figure of the soccer captain is very important within a team so that the relations between the different parties involved in it are as satisfactory as possible. Who is the team captain in soccer? Usually, the soccer captain […]

Value of Sleep for Perfect Sports Performance

Sleep has a fundamental role in athletes’ recovery. During sleep, the processes of recovery of the nervous system start, as well as an increase in growth hormone levels. Metabolic and muscle development processes are especially important for children while they are growing. Among athletes, sleep deprivation fundamentally affects the execution of technical aspects and decision […]

5 Soccer Fun Facts

Besides being one of the most popular sports in the world, soccer is a social fact, much more than a game, much more than a competition. In today’s article, Evolution Soccer Academy shares five interesting little-known tidbits about this sport, data that you probably did not know, curiosities that will surprise you. Soccer Fun Facts […]

What Soccer Teaches You About Life

Participating in a soccer competition teaches you much more than just playing a game. This sport requires quick thinking, good reflexes, and the ability to work in a team. All of this helps you stay focused and productive, both in the personal aspects of your life and in the professional or academic ones. What soccer […]

Safety Tips: Soccer

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and it is also easy to learn since you are little. It is also a good way to do physical exercise, plus, it is an exciting and very fun game. Soccer is a contact sport though, which makes injuries happen. Clashes with other players can cause […]

5 Reasons Why Girls Should Practice Sports

Why play sports? One could say “to exercise,” and it would be a good answer. And to have fun? Yes, it is also true. But there are more reasons. Every day there are more girls practicing sports, and they not only bring benefits for their health but also for other areas that in today’s article, […]

The Health Benefits of Practicing Soccer

Sports will always be very healthy, no matter what. But we do not lie when we say that soccer is one of the most popular in the world and consequently one of the most practiced. Soccer is not necessarily a sport that only men can practice. Currently, thousands of amateur and professional female teams are […]