The Academy

Who are we?

A group of successful former soccer players with highlighted international careers, having played with national teams and won countless tournaments, cups and championships worldwide. With over 30 years of experience, comprehensive training, credentials and an unprecedented reputation Evolution Soccer Academy was born.

Pro-coaches with the proper schooling specializing in competitive soccer training for high-level competition of children and teenagers of both genders. We aimed for an integral soccer program with the fundamentals of generating life values through soccer. It allows us to pass-on the knowledge of the field and love for the sport to develop their maximum potential.

Why Evolution Soccer Academy?

Because we have the necessary leadership it takes to pilot a soccer academy into achieving success! Our overall programs, recreational space, training specialists, strategies and methodology have been curated to be a distinctive learning experience from those of other academies.

We have a unique and different way to carry out our educational process, built on a series of techniques and fundamentals. These are determined partly on the subject matter to be taught and partly by the nature of the player. We strive for respect, morality, honesty, fairness and convey those core values with a holistic approach.