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Do You Know the Origins of Soccer as a Sport?

Soccer, for many, is more than a sport, more than a form of exercise: it is a lifestyle. Soccer is practiced with such passion that it has become a tradition, so much so that a great number of people even think that it is the center of their world. When there is a big championship, like the F.A. Cup or the World Cup, they stop everything else in their lives.


Today we bring you a summary of the history of this great sport, keep reading.


Soccer History


The history of “association football,” now known simply as “football,” started in 1863, year of the foundation of The Football Association, although its origins go back several centuries in the past in the British Isles during the Middle Ages. While there were points in common between different ball games that were developed in the third century BC and modern football, the sport as it is known today has its origins in the British Isles.


The first British codes that gave rise to association football were characterized by their poor organization and extreme violence. However, other, less violent and better-organized codes also existed. The final formation of the soccer association had its culminating moment during the 19th century. In 1848, representatives of different English schools met at the University of Cambridge to create the “Cambridge Code” that would serve as a basis for the creation of modern soccer regulations. And finally, in 1863 in London, the first rules of association football became official.


Since then, soccer has had a constant growth, until becoming the most popular sport in the world. With the completion of the first meeting of the International Football Association Board in 1886 and the founding of FIFA in 1904, the sport has expanded to reach all corners of the world.


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