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5 Tips to Make Each Training Session a Breeze for Parents

Sports, specifically soccer training, is an ideal option for children to stay in shape, improve their motor and physical skills, and make friends. But is not all fun on the field; the pressure to succeed can be excessive and can cause a lot of frustration.

In some cases, the pressure is self-imposed by the child. Some children are perfectionists by nature and are too hard on themselves when things go wrong. But most often, the pressure is external: children try to satisfy the demands of a parent or a coach and end up having the feeling that winning is the only way to get the approval of the adult they look up to. In this article, we will talk a little about how to make training sessions fun and functional.

Soccer training does not have to be time-consuming

When children lead an active life and dedicate time to sports training, they can experience “sports pressure.” Adults can teach them to manage it, which not only affects their performance and how much fun they have while playing the sport, but can also have a lasting impact on how to they face similar challenges throughout life.

How to help

The role you and other trusted adults play in the way your child deals with stressful situations is important. It is a good thing that your child knows that you are interested in his or her activities. There must be a balance though, between encouraging a child and pushing too much. Be sure to:

  1. Praise and support the efforts of your child and other players, even when they lose a game.
  2. Make sure your children know that you understand that a game is important to them, but that whether they win or lose, you will always be there for them.
  3. Encourage your children to try a variety of different activities and choose the one that is the most fun.
  4. Let them know that training should not be the sole focus of their lives, that they can be dedicated, as well as invest time and develop discipline, but they also have the right to have breaks and focus their attention on other things.
  5. Ask your children if they like to practice the sport they chose or if they did so to please you or someone else. It is important that you value their opinion and that  they feel good about what they are doing.


-Increase self-esteem.

-Work social skills and develop a sense of community.

-Represent fun in the lives of your children.

Remember that for your child, soccer training may be a good idea, but that you can not make them slave over it. Apart from these practices, you can encourage them to go out with his friends, to get ice cream as a family after the sessions, to walk his pet, or any other recreational activity.

With these priorities in mind, you can help your child learn to cope with a training routine and activities.

At Evolution Soccer Academy, we have an integral soccer program for children that provides them with life values; it helps us teach them discipline on the field and a love for the sport to develop their maximum potential.

Evolution Soccer Academy, elite training for soccer lovers.

Practicing soccer does not have to be a time-consuming task. Spend time with your child and make the experience more fun.

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