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Sports Safety: Basic Elements of a First Aid Kit

First aid is the assistance given to a person that suffered an injury or a sudden illness. With it, most injuries will be contained, and the person who suffered them will not get worse. Soccer is not a dangerous sport, but accidents can happen.

It is important for teams to have their own kit, and the coach and players should have an individual one in their belongings or at home for scrapes or bumps. Remember that being prepared for any event can make a huge difference.

The kit does not have to be some fancy bag or box; the team can be creative and decorate any way they want. If the bag is transparent all the better, that way, you can see what you are looking for right away.

Essentials in the kit!

  • Hand sanitizer: to clean hands when an injury needs to be treated.
  • Small and medium bandages: for scrapes, bumps, and other minor injuries.
  • Sterile gauze: for larger cuts and scrapes that can happen on the field.
  • Sterile tape: to hold the bandages in place.
  • Antiseptic ointment: to prevent infection; spray models are easier to use.
  • Bottle of sterile saline: these work well to remove grass and dirt.
  • Alcohol pads: to clean wounds.
  • Disposable, non-latex gloves: to help prevent cross-contamination when treating an injury.
  • Paramedic scissors: to cut bandages or clothes.
  • Blister care: there are bandages especially made for blisters and creams to soothe them.
  • Instant ice packs: these will let you put ice on sprains or strains quickly.
  • Athletic tape: to prevent further injuries in joints, and to reduce swelling and pain in muscles.
  • ACE bandage: to stabilize joint injuries.
  • Finger splints: to stabilize fingers; these can be as simple as popsicle sticks, used with the gauze and tape.
  • CPR instructions and a ventilation mask: to give CPR if needed and help with breathing problems.
  • Plastic bag to dispose of trash: once the aid is given, everything that was used needs to be disposed of securely to avoid cross-contamination.

First aid kits are necessary even for minor injuries, like the ones gotten on a soccer field. It is better to be prepared than be sorry. Teaching this kind of habits is part of living a healthy life.

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First aid kit for safety in sports
We show you what elements your team’s kit should have.

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