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The Ideal Diet to Improve Athletic Performance

Nourishing yourself to achieve your maximum athletic performance does not mean you should follow a special diet or take supplements. It can be done by introducing the right foods in the right amounts into your eating plan to stay healthy and fit.

Athletes and especially teenaged ones have different nutritional needs than the rest of the people. Since they train much more than their less active peers, they often need an additional amount of calories as fuel to perform in sports and to keep growing.

So, what happens if an adolescent athlete does not eat enough? In today’s article, Evolution Soccer Academy brings you some tips to have a good diet. Keep reading!

Diet for athletes

Since teens who play sports need more fuel than average teens, it is usually not a good idea to go on a diet.

If your coach or a teammate say, you need to diet, talk to your doctor first or visit a dietitian specializing in adolescence and physical exercise. If a health professional you trust, considers that it is safe for you to diet, you can work together on an eating plan that allows you to intake an appropriate amount of nutrients.

Eat a wide variety of foods

Carbohydrates are an important energizer, but they are just one of the many types of food an athlete needs. Athletes should also eat:

– Vitamins and minerals: for those who play sports, the need for these minerals may be even greater than for other adolescents.

– Proteins and fats: Fish, lean meat, poultry meat, eggs, dairy, nuts, soy, and peanut butter are protein-rich foods that will help you stay in shape.

– Iron and calcium: To get the iron you need, eat lean meat with a little fat, fish and poultry meat, green leafy vegetables and iron-rich cereals.

Avoid supplements

– Energy bars and proteins are not suitable for athletes, but they are not very harmful either.

– Energy drinks contain a high amount of caffeine, so do not take them before exercising.

Avoid dehydration

Water intake is as vital for an athlete as his diet to perform. Sweating while exercising makes it easy to get overheated, have a headache, and feel exhausted, especially in hot and humid climates. Even mild dehydration can negatively impact an athlete’s physical and mental performance.

Do not wait to be thirsty because thirst is a sign that your body has not been hydrated for some time. But do not force yourself to drink more liquid than you need. Running with a stomach full of water is hard!

At Evolution Soccer Academy, we believe in creating healthy habits, both on and off the field. We enforce balanced diets and a nutritional plan that helps children have peak performance while eating balanced and filling meals. Contact us to know more about our all-inclusive program for elite training.


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Athletes need more fuel than people who do not practice sports, so it is a good idea for them to nourish their bodies properly.

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